Healing oursleves, healing our world

We, The Inner Space, are committed to finding answers to your health concerns, utilizing evidence-based treatments, as well as highly effective non-conventional approaches, in an environment designed for comfort and connection. We provide a supportive, safe, and tranquil environment in which men, women, and children can recover from trauma and co-occurring mental health conditions.

The Inner Space offers practical, social, and spiritual support to individuals and families, regardless of their need.
Each person who crosses the threshold of The Inner Space is assured of a welcoming and loving response in keeping the vision of a community where people receive unconditional love, healing and the power to change.

Here we find a safe place to receive transformational healing for every need whether physical, emotional, spiritual or relational. This process constitutes a comprehensive exploration of multiple dimensions of human condition by bridging the full spectrum of human experiences of your mind, body, psyche, and spirit.

Holistic psychotherapy

Traditional treatments merge with holistic and alternative approaches, such as meditation and art therapy, to create an effective and restorative treatment experience.

Holistic Psychotherapy utilizes traditional and non-traditional therapies of holistic healing with the purpose of creating an integration of the mind, body and spirit.

The idea combines a broad range of different holistic approaches to help the client reach the deepest level of healing possible by attempting to understand and address the ways issues in one aspect of a person can lead to concerns in other areas!

Because your support system at home is an essential part of your recovery, we welcome family into treatment, offering family therapy and a family program every week.

At The Inner Space

We believe that clients have the right to heal in their own way, at their own pace. We are honored to be a part of the journey. Our mission is to offer clients and their loved ones opportunities for healing through support and community education. The Inner Space is committed to providing holistic services, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a respectful environment that honors confidentiality and privacy.