"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” ~ Lao-Tzu

When Maysar Sarieddine and Nour Fayad met in Beirut, in 2011, there was an immediate connection between them - a spark of “Love and Light”.  Within two days they decided to unite and partner on this journey called “Life”.  They didn’t know it then, but that would be the start of the journey to founding The Inner Space; A space that believes in the Light within each and every person, and that provides the comfort, connection, education, and practical guidance to re-member that Light.

The connection between the couple was now very clear  – they both had an artistic and creative background, yet they were both in search for something more fulfilling and rewarding at an inner level.  Also, they both knew then that they wanted to walk along others in their community, especially those in search for the true meaning of life, for true peace, and for profound healing experiences. However, they did not know how they would do it, or what they would do.

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The couple first envisioned The Inner Space while they were both studying for their final degrees.  They envisioned a place open to welcome anybody without judgment.  A place that would help people overcome the struggle and suffering that come about from living in a post war society. “Though people all over the world share similar struggles, you cannot take a program that was created for people in the USA and apply it to Lebanon.  We have our own unique struggles that someone who has not lived through them will be unable to understand,” explains Maysar, and thus the couple took time to tailor a program that would target the specific complexity of the Lebanese society.  Our program honors the role of the family, respects the role of religion, and puts great focus on the role of the individual.  Our program guides you to seek the Light within so that you may move forward.

The Inner Space was born in 2017 right out of love.  Not just the love that Maysar and Nour have for each other and for their families, but more so from the love that they both have for their country, for the society that has been broken on many levels, and for the individual who needs to survive the daily struggles.  The Inner Space provides a safe, empathetic and judgement-free healing environment.  A place where sessions and workshops are grounded in dialogue, in a calm and tranquil atmosphere, centered on an eclectic approach.  The Inner Space is an anchor for those who seek to find the light within.

“We believe that the stories that one lives through only add beauty to one’s life." Even if those stories involve pain and trauma; the idea is to be able to see the light within and to find the center of the storm. That is the place of complete peace. Moreover, we know that we are worthy of success and love. We are not simply damaged goods, nor are we the result of our failures. We are beautiful in our imperfections.  We grow stronger because of the shortcomings and hardships we’ve encountered in our lives, understanding that those unfortunate events - and those scars we carry from them- helped re-mold us into unique and thriving individuals.