Being more Optimistic

Is your life really going to improve if you become more Optimistic?

Yes! You are more likely to achieve your goals, If you think that the future can be positive.  When you believe that life is good and that things will work out in your favor, you become less stressed; optimism helps your body release the negative effects of chronic stress.  Optimists are also less prone to drama, getting their feelings hurt, and holding grudges, than pessimists. They don’t sweat the small stuff; they are more accepting of others.  Coping with change and uncertainty becomes easier and you will come away from difficult situations feeling empowered, wiser and more hopeful.

Here are 10 tips to assist you in becoming more optimistic today:

  1. Choose to be optimistic!
  2. Actively look for the silver lining (the hidden benefits).  Take a few moments to breathe, step back and see if something good can come of the situation
  3. Surround yourself with positive people. Optimism, just like any other attitude, is contagious!
  4. Be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for, if you just look for it.
  5. Learn to let go rather than to quit.  Letting go of a bad relationship, for example, is different than quitting. Letting go of a goal that doesn’t inspire you, is different than quitting.
  6. Create your future. The past is the past and it is full of great lessons. Right now you are creating your future… instead of passively waiting for it.
  7. Talk about possibilities and solutions, not limitations and problems. There may not be a perfect solution to every problem but there is almost always more than one way to improve it. There is always opportunity for improvement, even if that improvement is tiny.
  8. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do and talk about your strengths instead of your fears. Be proactive instead of reactive, and boldly attempt new solutions to old problems, rather than spinning your wheels expecting things to be different this time. Let go of the victim mentality and take responsibility for your actions, 100%. That means, minimize the obstacles to your success and happiness, like bad habits, being around negative people, and unsupportive or dis-empowering choices.
  9. Know that everything is temporary - the good times, the bad times, the easy things and hard things, happiness and sadness… everything is transitory so you don’t need to feel like you are stuck in a forever spiral of doom and gloom.
  10. Talk to yourself with kindness, compassion, encouragement, enthusiasm and positivity - exactly as you would talk to your very best friend. Respect yourself, but don’t take yourself or life too seriously!