Our services are tailored in accordance with individual client's needs, and offer a unique blend of various modalities and techniques to help release energy blocks often stored as unexpressed emotions, to foster healing, change unhealthy patterns, and virtually “re-wire” one's inner world.

We help you to relieve/reduce stress, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, shame, overwhelm, depression, and other difficult emotions, feelings and states.

We help you with weight issues, sleeping problems, addictions, migraines, mood swings, self-esteem, life transitions, and many other conditions and symptoms frequently manifested as obstructed creativity, blocked emotions and/ or physical dis-eases, both acute
and chronic.

We believe that in many cases the symptoms of illnesses or dis-ease an individual presents with, are metaphorical manifestation of the repressed Self, a spiritual being that seeks expression and healing.

Accordingly, the challenge is to explore and reveal the truth behind the symptom. This requires your readiness and willingness to experience the entire range of emotions and feelings inherent in reclaiming your true "Self" while realizing your unlimited potential.

One to one therapy sessions
Meditations & Group meditations
Holistic healing integration of the mind, body, & spirit
Spiritual Psychotherapy
Group work Group exercises