• Our<br>Story


    At The Inner Space, our intention with all our clients is to hold a sacred and loving space, a crucible for deep healing, exploration and growth; a safe harbor to ground you through life’s challenges, crises, transitions and rites of passage; and a new lens to bring meaning and spiritual perspective to your life.
  • fully<br>present


    We are dedicated to being fully present and to listening deeply to what underlies your words, to hear the deeper communication of your Soul.
  • your<br>heart’s<br>inner<br>knowing


    From this place of deep presence & compassion, we strive to bring you into a deeper resonance with your Soul’s Essence, your authentic feelings, your heart’s inner knowing, your Higher Self & the Divine, the true Source of all healing.
  • Healing<br>journey


    We serve as loving guides, witnesses and allies on your healing journey home to your heart, to a full remembrance of who YOU really are, a being of Light having a human experience.

Healing oursleves, healing our world!

We, The Inner Space, are committed to finding answers to your health concerns, utilizing evidence-based treatments, as well as highly effective non-conventional approaches, in an environment designed for comfort and connection.

We provide a supportive, safe, and tranquil environment in which men, women, and children can recover from trauma and co-occurring mental health conditions.


I would like to give you an overview of how I (as a Spiritual Counselor and Psychologist) look at depression.


Let me ask you a few questions:  Has depression been a barrier to thriving in your life?  Have sadness and frustration gotten in the way of your using all you potential in life, at work, or at school?  One of the most common physical disorders in our culture is pain.  One of the most common emotional disorders in our culture is emotional pain.  Sadness, frustration, overwhelm:  all of these have the same brain chemistry.  It all comes under the heading of depression.



Love is the opposite of fear.  To heal your fears, it is imperative to learn how to love yourself.  Everything in your life flows from your relationship to yourself.  Learn to treat yourself like someone worthy of love, respect, and compassion, and your life will flow more effortlessly, abundantly, and joyfully than you can imagine.  You see, you will learn how to love yourself when you finally understand that by simply being a uniquely miraculous part of this world, you are worth it.  You are worth loving.