Learning Principles of Spiritual Psychology

The Four Perspectives

Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Interventions takes you into the world of energy, spirit and life force, and maintains 4 important perspectives that make it unique and essential to your health and transformation.

Spiritual Psychology takes the approach that we don’t need to be fixed.  Even though we experience pain or suffering as human beings, we are not fundamentally broken.  At the core, there is nothing “wrong” with us.  We may have been wounded, and may continue to be in need of healing, but that does not mean that in our essence we are faulted.  Spiritual Psychology takes the compassionate path of seeing our elemental wholeness, and helps us to reconnect to that place of peace and clarity within us.

Spiritual Psychology affirms the reality that we are more than our biology. Our bodies are absolutely brilliant.  The intelligence of our cells and molecules and the power of every system in the body are truly astounding.  However, when we view ourselves simply as biology – a mere collection of cells and molecules – we actually underestimate our ability and power as human beings.  One of the reasons why Spiritual Psychology is so needed now is that it acknowledges the immense ability we have to heal ourselves when we tap into the bigger and deeper soul and spirit level.  When we work with our relationship to the divine, our connection to our soul, and lean into the support of the universe, we can more profoundly affect healing on many different levels.

Spiritual Psychology sees and honors our natural urge to evolve and grow. People have a natural tendency to learn and change.   Spiritual Psychology acknowledges that inclination.  In Spiritual Psychology, there’s an understanding that push or force is unnecessary when it comes to helping the human character progress.  We simply need compassion, support and guidance, and we will open up into our fullest potential.

Spiritual Psychology views our challenges in life as soul lessons.   Part of trusting our path of growth and change is holding the perspective that all of the challenges we face are opportunities that life is giving us to encourage us to evolve. Every problem we encounter is an opportunity for us to learn.   Our current obstacle in life, whatever it is, is a lesson for our soul - it’s a chance to understand and embrace ourselves more deeply, so that we can live more fully.

Purpose of Learning the Principles of Spiritual Psychology 

The purpose for learning the principles of spiritual psychology is to provide the clients opportunities for learning the Soul-Centered Basic skills and practicing them throughout their journey.   By learning these skills, clients will gain a deeper understanding of the following:  Seeing the loving essence, heart-centered listening, asking open-ended questions, choice, responsibility, commitment to self and many other principles that offer great personal support.

At the Inner Space, and over a period of 12 sessions, we can explore all the Soul-Centered Basic Skills & Soul-Centered Facilitation Strategies which will assist you on your healing journey.  Technically, you’ll be equipping yourself with a toolset which you can use whenever the need arises.  

This is typically more beneficial for those that have undergone periods of healing and professional guidance.