• Intersection of Science<br>& Spirituality

    Intersection of Science
    & Spirituality

    Spiritual Psychology unites science & spirituality to promote holistic healing and growth...

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  • Who YOU Are?

    Who YOU Are?

    Seek assistance from driven individuals who love to share their knowledge to learn more about...

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  • Loyalty To Your Soul

    Loyalty To Your Soul

    Engage in a Transformative three-day workshop about the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.

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You are your own power

It might not feel like it now, but you already possess the power to transform your life, you just haven’t unlocked it yet.

You might currently be in a position of seeking healing, therapy, answers, or direction. You feel confused, experiencing regular low moods and lack clarity on your future. Combined, you feel lost and out of control of your own life. While the world is moving around you, you seem to be existing at a standstill.

This is not your truth. 

You have simply tuned-out to who you are, and now it’s time to tune back in. 

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You have the power to own and re-write your path, instead of it being written for you. Every single person has their own internal resources to transform their life. By transforming your life, we mean to heal and to truly understand who you are. Through tapping into your inner resources, you will gain clarity on those questions you keep asking yourself; who am I? What do I want? What am I passionate about? Where am I headed? And with those answers, you are empowered to create the life you want.

So how do you tap into your internal resources then? Quite simply, you love. You heal yourself with love, you love yourself back into your power and you align with the force inside of you. When we talk about loving yourself, or self-love, we mean a deep cathartic self-love, beyond a spa day or some time out. This is a profound process designed to release the blocks holding you back and embrace who you are and all that you encompass. Learning how to deeply love yourself through the healing and discovery process is to spark a universal connection with the world around you and those inhabiting it, fuelling your purpose and passion for life.

Here at The Inner Space, we are experts in facilitating that process. We are a Husband-and-Wife team, having lived a life that includes our own traumas, healing, and transformations, we approach each client with compassion and empathy. It is paramount to us that we first provide an environment in which a client is comfortable, feels safe and is met with understanding and patience.

Our approach is not typical of other therapists or psychologists, we pride ourselves in our eclectic multi-modality stance. Via a range of varying principles, such as psychology, philosophy, hypnotherapy, spirituality, and soul transformation therapy, our service is not only unique to us, but uniquely tailored to your journey too. 

Working in such a way allows us to simply guide and assist you through deeply liberating and transformational sessions, affecting real change from within. We clear the train of thought while you walk the path through, you are your own expert, and this is your process.

We are Maysar and Nour, and this is the start of your evolution.


Loyalty To Your Soul Workshop 2- Beirut

A transformative three-day workshop about the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.

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Let's Reconnect

Welcome to "Embrace the Journey: A Spiritual Day of Release and Renewal!" Join us for a transformative day amidst the serene beauty of Nahr El Joz in Batroun.

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Spiritual Psychology Workshop

Join us for an exclusive two-hours workshop on Spiritual Psychology at Namat.

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