Holistic Counseling

What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic Counseling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. Holistic counseling assesses and treats from physical and spiritual contexts- as well as a psychological or mental ones.

A holistic counselor is conscious of clients in their totality; they take an integrative approach to healing the mind.  Their work takes them into the multiple dimensions of human experience; the physical, the spiritual and the psychological.  Ultimately, they seek to heal by helping their clients to break free from destructive behaviors and enjoy a new and improved state of mental, spiritual and physical health.  

Holistic counseling does not consider the client as damaged and in need of repair; it instead focus on helping the client release the spiritual perfection which lies within.

Holistic Counseling Modalities


Hypnosis uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. It is usually considered an aid to counseling or therapy, because the hypnotic state allows people to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories they might have hidden from their conscious minds. 

Energy Psychology – EFT, TAT

Energy psychology is a relatively new method of therapy that combines Eastern approaches to the mind and body with Western psychology and psychotherapy ideas. Practitioners of energy psychotherapy claim that tapping acupuncture points while thinking about an anxiety-producing event can cure anxiety and phobias.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique:  Is a technique in Energy Psychology that integrates Eastern concepts of energy (via meridians) with Western psychotherapeutic protocol.  The goal is to help people overcome their emotional limitations.  The basic premise is that if you remove blockages from one meridian, the entire circuit would automatically clear.  This technique is particularly helpful for treating phobias and allergies.

TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique:  TAT is part of a larger family of mind-body healing techniques collectively known as Energy Psychology.  The Tapas Acupressure Technique combines holding acupressure points on your head and going through a series of 9 statements. It can be used to heal the emotional charge and physical reactions to trauma, abuse, stress, and adverse childhood experiences so that an individual is no longer triggered by those memories and can live from a more spiritually-connected, centered, and peaceful place.


Pranayama is generally defined as breath control.  However, this definition does not convey the full meaning of the term.  The word pranayama is comprised of two roots prana and ayama.

“Prana” means vital energy or life force.  It is the force that exists in all things.

“Ayama” is defined as extension or expansion.

“Pranayama” is the extension and the expansion of the life force.

Pranayama utilizes breathing to influence the flow of prana in the “nadis “(energy channels) of the “pranayama kosha” (energy body).

The techniques of pranayama provides the method, whereby the life force can be activated and regulated in order to go beyond one’s normal boundaries or limitations and attain a higher state of vibratory energy.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing has direct benefits when it comes to your mental and physical health and well-being. Techniques and approaches to using breathing combined with different types of physical movements and postures, help you in harnessing the power of your “Vagus “nerve. This is the main nerve that's responsible for the parasympathetic nervous system in your body which can reduce stress, curb anxiety.


Meditation is an ancient wellness practice that focuses on training awareness, attention, and compassion.  It can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase feelings of calm and relaxation.  Because there are varying practices across cultural, spiritual and religious traditions, there are lots of ways to meditate.  At the Inner Space, we focus on guided meditations to assist our clients in their healing journeys.

Individual’s Counseling

Whatever the challenge is, the doors of The Inner Space are open to you. We meet with you and discuss how we can guide you towards a workable solution and, most importantly, inner peace. Being human isn't easy, and we understand that. At The Inner Space, we use all the modalities available to address your immediate concerns- be it anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, or marriage and relationship issues.

Counseling for Relationships

Relationships, and their dynamics, can go through many changes that can leave us wondering how and why things are happening the way they are. Relationships are one of the hardest aspects of our personal lives sometimes and often we have blurred vision when it comes to acknowledging and dealing with issues.

At The Inner Space, we have built an environment where all these issues can be tackled and discussed with the guidance of mental health professionals and counselors, using the latest and best methods in therapy and counselling.