Soul Transformation Therapy (STT)

What is Soul Transformation Therapy?

The Soul Transformation Therapy is a powerful healing modality that is based on the 22 energies of the Soul Plan.

It’s also known as the Soul Transformation Core Issue therapy which uses a Soul archetype Tarot Deck to determine the core issue. The polarity that you may be experiencing, along with the separation pattern, can help with the identification of the challenge/core issue which is blocking you from fully connecting with your purpose and Soul Plan potential any time.

The power of this therapy is in the healing interventions used during the session which help in resolving the issue. 

The Soul Transformation Therapy is comprised of 8 steps, in every single session, and each one is approximately 60-80 minutes depending on the issue and the interventions used.


7 Steps Soul Transformation Process:

(In a safe and sacred space)

  1. Draw 2 cards to determine Polarity and Separation Pattern
  2. Diagnostic of Core Issue
  3. Explore core issue and the Soul Story
  4. Integration of 2 healing interventions
  5. Integration of the Forgiveness intervention process
  6. The Soul Card Future Insight reading -- Draw of 3 cards; the first states what had healed during the session, the second points out possible solutions and helps attune to talents, and the third is the result.
  7. The Integration and Grounding process


The Soul Re-Alignment Healing Interventions:

  • Soul retrieval
  • Odic Bonding
  • Soul Plan Trauma release
  • Soul Plan Hologram reading
  • Meeting your Soul Purpose guide
  • Cord balancing and vow breaking
  • Boundary tapping and Infinity rewiring
  • Archetypes and shadow exploration
  • The Forgiveness Integration process 

Soul Transformation Therapy is a complete healing and therapy system which has recently become certified, and is recognized by the Complementary Medical Association.

We facilitate Soul Transformation Therapy sessions in person and online, so you are not limited by location.