Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan Reading (Based on the Work of Blue Mardsen)

The Theory

The Soul Plan system has its roots in ancient Hebrew numerology.  The main concept is that each letter has a numerical value and represents a different creative force or energy.  Letters, words, and phrases are assigned a number value, and these values, once united, reflect a fundamental idea that at a deeper level our world is unified and composed of vibration and light.  This is similar to the idea that words are energetically charged.

How is Your Soul Plan Derived? 

As a starting point in uncovering your Soul plan, we will look at  a fundamental aspect of who you are by taking the vibration of your full birth name as our code. This code then becomes your key to revealing the secrets that manifest in your life as a human being.  

Your birth name signifies your appearance as a separate identity.  It is the original name and letters that give most people the most accurate Soul Plan reading, as your full, recorded birth name always has primary influence. Imagine it as your ‘soul’ choosing the given birth name.  No matter how the naming decision is made, your name is fundamental to your relationship with the world and your life path in it. 

We use the vibration of your full birth name to generate ‘Your Star of Creation’. Each Star of Creation symbolizes each person as a unique creation. Each Star will have six vibrations around it (symbolizing the six points of a star) and one vibration at its core, which is the Soul destiny.  The Star, in a nutshell, is a representational forces at play within our perceived reality.

What Does a Soul Plan Reading Cover?  

The six vibrational points around us will be divided into two parts.  One part represents the world aspect, which is how you establish yourself in this physical world reality. The second part represents the spiritual aspect of your existence, or your higher purpose in a worldly form. 

In both lines of life, we will cover the challenges you could possibly experience, the talents which are the natural abilities you are born with, and how you can use them to work through your challenges and achieve your goals, on both physical and spiritual levels.  

Worldly challenges can include blocks, negative behavior patterns, fears, limiting beliefs and difficult to access talents.  They can encompass those areas of life that present the most difficulty and there is a possibility that, if worked through, these challenges can become your area of greatest strength.

The Spiritual aspect usually refers to the second phase of life. For some this may begin to emerge as a deeper recognition of their inner life and a wider global awareness beyond material concerns and their immediate environment. Often this involves awaking the fact that we are more than just a body.  As you transition into the spiritual phase, you are faced with Spiritual Challenges, Spiritual Talents, and Spiritual Goals.  These include the lessons/opportunities you are working with, the gifts /services you have access to, and your higher purpose in this existing reality.  

Soul Destiny

The Soul Destiny represents an essential aspect that is also indicative of your highest potential and overall purpose.  This aspect becomes more powerful and predominant the more you move through your lessons and Challenges, and activate your Talents and Goal energies.  At a transcendental level it is the invitation to let go and become nothing other than fully your essential self.

Why Would You Go for a Soul Plan?

Here are other advantages of getting your Soul Plan Reading by The Inner Space’s certified Soul Plan Practitioner: 

  1. Clarify your life’s purpose
  2. Understand why you’ve experienced your life.
  3. Know how the way you’ve experienced your life has affected you.
  4. Find out what you can do to grow and heal.
  5. Remove blockages and obstacles to reaching your talents and abilities you know you have but can’t easily access.
  6. Learn which could be your best therapy technique.
  7. Learn self-help method to deal with your issues.