Maysar Sarieddine

I’m an architect, a businessman, a philosopher, and a psychologist.

I completed my doctorate in Depth Psychology with an emphasis on Community, Liberation, and Eco psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California.  My dissertation topic was an attempt to understand the dynamics of violence in Lebanon and the Middle East, specifically domestic violence against women, and to provide possible solutions that could be integrated in a more holistic way in society.  

I’m interested in the Pedagogy of the Oppressed and in applying insights in a wide variety of organizational development and transformation; my motto in life is

Educating for the purpose of liberation.

Nour Fayad Sarieddine

I’m an interior designer by profession.  My passion for psychology led me to complete my master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California.

I’m an empathetic listener and a compassionate witness to the spectacular transformations that my clients experience as a result of taking the journey inward, into their inner spaces.

Healing is within reach if we allow ourselves to be guided by the inner knowing of the heart.