Healing oursleves, healing our world

It takes time and effort to remove the barriers that allow your beautiful light to shine.  But as you dive deeper and deeper into yourself, and change yourself, you will no longer have the drive to change others and you won't feel victimized anymore.  You will become an empowered and conscious creator of your life experience.  In short, if you want outside change, you must first change the map of reality you have on the inside.  Otherwise nothing will change.

The Inner Space offers practical, social, and spiritual support to individuals and families, regardless of their need.
Each person who crosses the threshold of The Inner Space is assured of a welcoming and loving response in keeping the vision of a community where people receive unconditional love, healing and the power to change.

Here we find a safe place to receive transformational healing for every need whether physical, emotional, spiritual or relational. This process constitutes a comprehensive exploration of multiple dimensions of human condition by bridging the full spectrum of human experiences of your mind, body, psyche, and spirit.