Healing oursleves, healing our world

After pursuing our passion of helping others to transform their lives, we decided to create an environment which embodied everything we believe. When creating The Inner Space back in 2016, we knew that we were looking to create a place that felt like a sanctuary. After all, we understand that for many, the process of healing can feel daunting. It is purposely designed to be a safe place where you can feel comfortable and free of judgement. We ensure that you are met with love and warmth, putting you at ease instantly. 

It can take time to release the barriers holding you back and to learn to nurture yourself. Often it feels like you are in unchartered territory, as it is likely that you haven’t been making yourself a priority recently, if ever. Our approach works with you, at your own pace, providing you with the sense of belonging within a community. 

We are uniquely qualified in a range of modalities, allowing us to adopt the method that is suitable for each individual, as we know the process isn’t a one size fits all, and as you progress, your sessions will adapt accordingly. 

This range of modalities means we can be exceptionally thorough in our approach, scoping from the practical psychotherapy to the more holistic spiritual perspective, both categories working together to create incredibly effective tools you can use every day.

Whilst you may be feeling lost, or weighed down by unsolved trauma, we like to be very clear in our message; “You do not need fixing, there is nothing wrong with you. You are already a whole human. There a just a few pebbles stopping your flow in life, we figure what they are, and remove them.”