February 25, 2023

Finding Inner Peace: An Exploration of Self (5 Tips that Truly Work)

Nour Fayad

Let's start by determining what inner peace is not: it is not passivity, it is not a lack of inner life, interests, desires, drives, and so on. A lot of people confuse those things with inner peace, and that's a complete misunderstanding.

So, what is it? Let's see it like this: your mind is like a room, and it has a lot of stuff in it, all your thoughts, emotions, memories, worries, and so on. And all of that is just scattered around the room, in a way that you can barely move.

Inner peace is not about throwing all that into the trash and turning that room into emptiness. It's about organizing it, in a way that you can live there, peacefully, with everything that is part of who you are.

With that state of mind, you can understand yourself better, accept things as they are, and work with what you have control over.


So, how can we develop inner peace?

Focus on what you can control - The fact that you can't control everything is probably not a surprise to you, right? But often, we don't want to accept that. 

The world is constantly changing and moving, and we can't turn all things into what we want them to be. So, learn how to accept what you don't have control over, and focus on the things that are within your power.


Meditate/Practice Mindfulness - What does your mind tell you? That's a complicated question to answer. Usually, our minds are so agitated that it is hard for us to even keep track of what is going through them.

Meditation is about slowing down that speed and paying attention to yourself. By doing that, you can understand how your mind works and have more control over it.

Be yourself - How would you have inner peace if you are fighting against who you are? It's essential to go through the process of finding yourself, finding what life you want to live and who you want to be in the long term.


Unplug from other people's expectations - It's not that we shouldn't listen to what other people think or have to say. The thing is: we shouldn't let those opinions and expectations dictate what we want our lives to be.


And one last thing:
Developing inner peace is not some mathematical equation that will always have the same result regardless of the context. There are certainly other things you could do that would help you find peace, but I can't define them for you. So, as a last item to the list, ask yourself: "What is it that I truly want?". That's probably the most important thing you can take away from this.