February 27, 2020


Nour Fayad

Healthy Mind, healthy Body.

Social media platforms have indeed brought people together by making our world a smaller place.  However, having said that, what we are witnessing today on social media is a cascade of negativity, whether through thoughts, opinions, or the simple sharing of daily events, and all this is creating a detrimental effect on our mental health, both individually and collectively. 

Let’s think about social media as an energy channel. Every word, every thought, and every idea is energy loaded.  Everything is filtering through the human mind, affecting the 50 trillion cells that make up who we are.  Yes, we are affected at a cellular level and our bodies are reacting accordingly.  The negative energy generated is distorting our inner sense of peace, our resiliency, the ability of our immune system to guard against all dis-eases, and the emotional numbing which is nonconductive to our evolution on this planet.  The outcome of this negativity is a deterioration in mental health, and the examples are plentiful.  Take a minute to look around you and observe the sluggish postures of people, the poker-face reactions to serious events, the indifferences, the depressive attitudes in mood and behavior.  

Keep in mind that negativity breeds further negativity.  Indeed, a bit of negativity is necessary for positive growth.  However, when we are unable to process the negativity and neutralize it, our system shuts due to complex processes at feeling, cognitive, and behavioral levels.

As certified professionals in the field of Psychology, Mental Health and Public Health, we are calling for a 24 hours (I day) wave of positivity on all social media platforms.  Let’s call it a “24hrsofPositivity”, to make a difference at a collective level and to allow for hope and aspirations, for positive feelings to re-emerge, and for a new vision toward a better Lebanon, even a better world.   With your support, and under the slogan of #loveandlight, we will make 1/3/2020 a memorable day overflowing with positivity, love and light. 

You may be asking how might this help?  To make it short and simple, we are what we think, how we feel, and the way we behave.  If we are able to shift our awareness to the endless positivity present in the universe, we stand the chance of shifting the dynamics of the game. This will surely reduce stress and the current “Fight or Flight” response that is based on pure fear.  Let each one of us replace fear with Loving energy to sow the seeds of positive change and minimize the negative impacts of distressing news shared from moment to moment.  This is a positive boost, a positive, seismic shock to our current system that is saturated with toxic energy.  Together we can do it!