April 23, 2018


Nour Fayad Sarieddine

On the goal line, we are in a constant pursuit of more, better, or different, attempting to fulfill ourselves through external things.  We simply move forward with no clear final destination. There is a distinct direction we are headed on the soul line; toward love-the big love that is the essence of each one of us.  We feel love for people and things on the goal line. Yet, there is a place inside each one of us that can only be touched from within.


The soul line is where we evolve into consciousness and embark on a journey of returning to love.  When you release experiences, emotions, judgements, thoughts, behaviors, and old patterns that have been based in fear, you literally change the electromagnetic vibration of your body.  As you let go of expectations and your attachments to them, you literally become lighter.  In other words, as we resolve issues on the soul line that have triggered or reinforced expectations, life on the goal line becomes a lot more graceful and synchronistic.  Opportunities flow in to your life that are more in alignment with your most heartfelt dreams and desires. 


Let me point out that the goal line is not negative, for it is where we get to celebrate our gifts and share our love with others. Yet, the happiest and most content people are those who are dedicated to their journey on the soul line. 


Everything you desire is within you, but it is the last place we look! If we could learn to value the SOUL line (Love, Truth, Integrity, Honor, Honesty) a little more than we value the GOAL line (ego, image, money, status, accomplishments), we would come to know wealth & riches beyond measure.


Physical world reality exists for the purpose of spiritual evolution, where evolution is to come to the realization that we are not evolving to the Love but to waking up and knowing that this is what we really are.