"Educating for the purpose of liberation."

When the couple first met, Maysar had been an architect and entrepreneur, with a huge business venture in Dubai, UAE.  Over a decade ago, today, he decided to delegate his responsibilities to a new leader and moved back to Beirut in search for his passion and personal fulfillment. He had a dream to serve all those who had been pushed to the margins, all those in distress, and everyone who was in search of Inner Peace and growth. He had just joined the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California to work on a PhD in Psychology, enlivened by the belief that “true happiness stems from finding your purpose and sharing your gift with the world around you.”

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But why Psychology?  The urge to study the complexity of the human mind came when he realized that he had been able to heal himself from a traumatic childhood, and the many painful experiences caused by societal and familial pressures.  Those experiences had pushed him to the brink of despair and depression. “Working through pain alone is exhausting,” explains Maysar. “Most of us, at some point in our lives, find ourselves in a dark, suffocating place; I was lucky that I was able to find the Light within, but what happens to people who are unable to see this Light?  What happens to people who lose their way in an effort to understand who they really are- divine beings of Love & Light having a human experience? What happens to those who need guidance to navigate their Inner-Self?” The idea of founding The Inner Space was not on Maysar’s mind at the time, but deep in his heart he knew he wanted to get the right education to be able to use his experience to serve others for the betterment of his society.