“Healing is within reach if we allow ourselves to be guided by the inner knowing of the heart.” 

Nour was an interior designer when the couple first met.  She had just graduated from university and was facing the usual employment frustration that all fresh Lebanese graduates have to go through, due to the scarcity of job opportunities.  Despite all this, she worked for 3 years at a renowned design company in Beirut.  She, too, felt that there was more to life than its materiality.  She felt more fulfillment in listening to people’s problems and helping them find solutions instead of working as an interior designer.  Because of her positivity and lively spirit, most of her friends would come to her with their issues.  She would listen and guide them to find the solution to their troubles deep within their own hearts.  This evoked in her a deep interest in psychology. 

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The more Maysar shared with Nour how the mind worked in reaction to violence, the more interested she became in pursuing her own MA in a Psychology related field. That is what pushed her to enroll at the University of Santa Monica, California, in 2013 to pursue a degree in Spiritual Psychology. Studying Spiritual Psychology opened her eyes to a world she was totally unaware of before. “I want people to understand that Spiritual Psychology is not in conflict with religion - it is more about psychological and emotional maturation. It’s about growth. Spiritual psychology helps one view life holistically – It is the ability to see light through the pain.” The philosophies behind Spiritual Psychology resonated with Nour.  Those were beliefs she had always had; yet she did not know that there was a whole ancient science out there that supported her beliefs.