March 1, 2020
24 Hours of Positivity

We are affected by what we see, what we read, what we hear. We all need a change. 

I can make a difference, I can make an impact, and so can you. 

How?  Contribute to the #24HRSOFPOSITIVITY campaign, for just a day, for just 24 hours. 

This March 1, 2020: let it be a day of positivity on Social Media. Open your account create, post and share. 


It can be anything from a quote that brings you good vibes. 

A moment in the day you decided to look at in a special way.

A picture of an ordinary item that stands out to you, to something/someone you highly appreciate.

A quote that you love.

An achievement you are proud of.

Capture a moment just like when the sunshine finds a way to pierce a dark cloud or moments that can put a smile on the viewers’ faces. Post it, so we all see the beauty through your eyes. 

Be creative!

Share so that others recognize them too. 


Refresh your #innerspace. 

Start with a post. A snowball starts with 1 fleck and another fleck, and so on.

Positivity is contagious! 


We are what we think!

We are how we feel!


Find the love, find the light. SHARE IT. SHARE the #loveandlight.