Let's Reconnect

Date: June 16, 2019
Time: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Ammiq Beak


Our day is a holistic, healing journey, to re-energize ourselves through the power of nature.

Health coach - Mrs. Kareen Jaber 
Laughter Yoga with Rola A. Baki

Circle Process with The Inner Space's Team 

Our journey includes the following
Transportation - Healthy snacks by Healthy Beirut - Professional digital photos of your experience - Wonderful holistic journey 

How to be prepared
Hiking shoes - backpack - hat - 2L water - high SPF sunscreen - ID & insurance ID - sunglasses

Important to know 
Age 16+  - Smoking not permitted  - Reservation is required  - We will not have a lunch stop, kindly bring your own healthy snacks 

Optional: you can pre-order your lunch box from “My fit bite” by Friday June 14, 2019 max. 8USD/box. 

Fees per/person 50USD

You can purchase your tickets from:
The inner space me

Monday Studio

Wild Explorers Lebanon

For more info please contact Elena El Khawand 961 70 85 61 68

This event has ended, or cannot be reserved.

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